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Zenith Double Wall Sconce

Zenith Double Wall Sconce

Ships within: 6-8 weeks. Custom orders


Zenith Double Wall Sconce by Radar.

Sconces can be placed on both the interior and exterior walls.
Modern sconces are often used in hallways or corridors to provide both lighting and a point of interest in a long passage.
They can frame doorways or line a hallway.
Swingarm sconces are often placed next to a bed to provide task lighting for reading.

Thermoformed Glass, Metal lacquered structure

Structure Color
Matte Black, Solid Oak.

Glass Color
Silver, Gold, Bronze.

7.9" W x 27.6"H


ORIGIN RADAR arose from the desire to create a collection of elegant and graphical objects made by qualified traditional European craftsmen.
RADAR is the complicity between two enthusiasts of art and design, two cities, two life stories, Paris and Milan linked by the culture of fashion and design.
RADAR is also the capacity to capture new trends and to be tuned in to clients needs, producing unique custom-made objects.
DESIGN Solid and fluid forms, graphical curves, pure understated design. A spectrum of noble materials provides a timeless elegance to our product range.
RADAR's style is inspired by the early codes of industrial design.
CONTRAST A contrast of materials. Between the gleam of glass and raw wood grain to the brilliance of marble and the matt-finish of plaster.