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Qada Ugari Bi Rugs

Qada Ugari Bi Rugs

Ships within: 6 Weeks

$1,350 - $2,900

Qada Ugari Bi Rugs by Woop Rugs
Design by Woop Rugs

Different spaces that you try to harmonize through the decoration and the items that you choose for each room, just like when you’re creating a signature dish.
We also play with different ingredients, combining the infinite materials and textures that we are surrounded with, and sometimes we get the combination spot on, creating unpredictable collections like Qada.


Small: 55.11" W x 78.7" D
Medium: 66.9" W x 94.5" D
Large: 78.7" W x 98.4" D
Extra Large: 78.7" W x 118" D

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Woop Rugs was conceived in Bilbao by the Novadecor Group in 2012.
Creativity has always been one of the cornerstones of Woop Rugs identity, and as much as they possibly could, they applied this to all that they ever exceeded in, as well as to the parts of their business that weren’t necessarily very creative, encompassing everything from logistics to marketing.

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