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Materia Shadow 1104 Rugs

Materia Shadow 1104 Rugs

Ships within: 6 Weeks

$1,565 - $3,360

Materia Shadow 1104 Rugs by Woop Rugs
Design by Woop Rugs

Nature has taught us that irregular geometry can be beautiful, and from this concept are born the exclusive designs that makeup Materia, inspired by the pleasant touch of wool and the smooth movement of its fibers.
A natural thermal insulator, which turns the room you see with a Materia rug in a cooler place in summer, and warmer in winter.
A collection that we want to take care of closely, that is why we manufacture it ourselves in Spain.
This allows you to select the Materia model in a wide variety of colors and sizes, because your home is unique and special, and your carpet should be too.


Small: 78.7" W x 55" D
Medium: 94.4" W x 66.9" D
Large: 98.4" W x 78.7" D
Extra Large: 118" W x 78.7" D

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Woop Rugs was conceived in Bilbao by the Novadecor Group in 2012.
Creativity has always been one of the cornerstones of Woop Rugs identity, and as much as they possibly could, they applied this to all that they ever exceeded in, as well as to the parts of their business that weren’t necessarily very creative, encompassing everything from logistics to marketing.

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