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Vienna Soft Chair

Designed By: Emmanuel Gallina
Cole Vienna Soft Chair

Ships within: 6-8 weeks. Custom orders

$1,739 - $2,114

Vienna Soft Chair by Cole.
Designed by Emmanuel Gallina. Made in Italy

Vienna Soft is the natural upholstered evolution of Vienna collection, harmonizing beauty and functionality with extra confort. 
Designed by Emmanuel Gallina, who continues his very personal journey recollecting memories from Vienna at the end of the 19th century up to the 50s by Marcel Gascoin, through the visions of the American E.J. Brussel.



Cat. A - Customer fabric, Eco leather (Inca)
Cat. B- Cotton (Texas); Felt (Nord Wool, Natural Wool) Eco leather (Cruiser); Poliestere
Cat. C - Cotton/Linen (Creta); Wool (Topia, Novum)

Natural Beech, Walnut Oak.

30.7" H x 17.7" D x 19.7" W


Cole Italy is a young Italian design brand. Colé is born from the experience of Matteo De Ponti, architect and brand manager at Driade for over ten years and the artistic sensibility of Laura Macagno, degree in Economics and passionate of art and design.