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Tekio Vertical Pendant Light

Designed By: Anthony Dickens
Tekio Vertical Pendant Light

Ships within: 4 Weeks. Custom orders

$2,205 - $4,035

Tekio Vertical Pendant Light by Santa And Cole
Designer by Anthony Dickens

Tekio consists of a lighting system based on LED structures covered with paper modules.
By combining various modules, Tekiò presents vertical pendant lamps, horizontal lines and circles.
In its design Anthony Dickens was inspired by the traditional Japanese paper lantern that is ubiquitous throughout Asia, and in its production Santa & Cole has worked with some of Japan's best craftsmen, combining traditional processes, high quality materials and new technologies.
Paper is a ductile, even malleable material; its folds makes it more resistant and time alters and improves its translucence.

White S&C metal structure with matte finish.
Washi Japanese paper shade.
Methacrylate inner diffuser.

Small: 9.8 in Dia x 26.4 in H
Medium: 9.8 in Dia x 47.2 in H
Large: 9.8 in Dia x 68.1 in H
XLarge: 9.8 in Dia x 88.9 in H
Canopy: 10.2 in Dia x 2.3 in H

Small: 204 x 43W 24V 2800 Lumens, 85CRI, 2200K-2700K LED lamp (included)
Medium: 368 x 73W 24V 5050 Lumens, 85CRI, 2200K-2700K LED lamp (included)
Large: 532 x 100W 24V 7300 Lumens, 85CRI, 2200K-2700K LED lamp (included)
XLarge: 696 x 120W 24V 9550 Lumens, 85CRI, 2200K-2700K LED lamp (included)

Location Rating: UL Listed


Santa & Cole is a small, independent and global editor of design products, with its roots in Belloch (Barcelona, Spain).
Santa & Cole have been editing since 1985, when the company was first founded.
By editing we mean preparing a work for the public domain, Santa & Cole mean adapting an item for everyone’s use. What a book editor does with stories, we do with objects.