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Tatu Table Lamp

Designed By: Andre Ricard
Tatu Table Lamp

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Tatu Table Lamp by Santa And Cole
Designer by Andre Ricard

The tatu, or armadillo, is a friendly mammal with a shell on its back that protects it when it rolls up into a ball.
On a transoceanic flight, while reading about Argentinean wildlife and contemplating how the light above his seat did not disturb his sleeping wife next to him, André Ricard came up with this lamp that became a pop-art icon in Europe.
Tatu takes us back to carefree days, when consumer goods came to European middle classes and their children boldly started a huge aesthetic revolution in which everything was contorted, from Andy Warhol to The Beatles to Mary Quant.
Everything could be expressed differently.
Like a compact flexo, Tatu’s mechanical body was conceived in three sections that can rotate independently to adapt its use for a shelf, on a desk, on a bedside table and even as a wall lamp (fittings included).

Rotatable structure manufactured in red or S&C white ABS plastic.

Overall: 3.1 in W x 8.1 in D x 9.9 in H
Cable Length: 78.7 in

1 x 6W 120V 171 Lumens, 90CRI, 2700K LED lamp (included)

Location Rating: UL Listed


Santa & Cole is a small, independent and global editor of design products, with its roots in Belloch (Barcelona, Spain).
Santa & Cole have been editing since 1985, when the company was first founded.
By editing we mean preparing a work for the public domain, Santa & Cole mean adapting an item for everyone’s use. What a book editor does with stories, we do with objects.