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Dania Cutting Board

Designed By: Skagerak design
Dania CBoard

Ships within: 3-5 Business Days

$109 - $325

Dania Cutting Board by Skagerak
Design by Skagerak design

Your knife’s new best friend.
Assembled by small pieces of teak end grain, each cutting board gets a unique pattern in various light and dark brown nuances.
Teak contains natural oils resistant to moisture and germs and the upward fibers on end grain absorb the impact from knife blades sublimely.
This ensures a top-notch durability – both in terms of the board itself and the knives used on it.

Teak Endgrain

L 12.87 x W 8.19 x H 0.975 inch
L 13.65 x W 9.36 x H 1.56 inch
L 15.6 x W 9.36 x H 0.975 inch
L 19.5 x W 10.53 x H 1.17 inch
L 21.84 x W 13.65 x H 1.56 inch

Indoor, Outdoor


Skagerak is a family-owned company established in 1976 in Denmark.
Their primary focus has always been on producing quality furniture, designed to last for generations. As a Danish business, they are deeply rooted in Scandinavian heritage and craftmanship balancing the contrasts between classical virtues and modern daily life.