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OLO PC8 Pendant Light


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OLO PC8 Pendant Light By Seed Design

OLO Pendant PC8 always originates from a circle or a line.
Using the basic elements to create the picture of a light, Designer White challenges our every imagination by series that is designed to be limitless in possibilities.
Circular suspension conveys the nostalgic expression traced back to round table, which symbolizes “reunion” in traditional Chinese dining.
Rotatable lamp shade embedded in cutting-edge design of hollow circles with glare-free LED lighting, the CRI 90 softened light can impressively create practical as well as ambient light.
Occasionally light distribution is allowed due to rotatable structure of each shade.
Upside or downward, let your imagination run loose and allow the fun to begin.

Overall: L 34.6x W 34.6 x H 157.5 (inch)

Black/Shiny Black

Metal, Aluminum, PP

Lamp Type

LED 8 x 6.5W 3000K CRI90 2530lm


Item Number


SEED Design is a modern lighting company. We manufacture and design all products in which they sell.
They are headquartered out of Taipei, Taiwan, with a distribution facility that houses an impressive stocking program out of Seattle, WA. SEED Design was found in 1991, by an innovative and tenacious designer, Meiric.
With just a few sketches on hand, he was certain he had what it took to create an entire lighting line that would be superb in construction, striking in aesthetics, and pioneering in concept.