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Sylvestrina Wall Sconce


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Sylvestrina Wall Sconce by Santa And Cole
Designer by Andre Ricard

The Sylvestrina Wall Sconce is freed from electrical wires and lights up any conversation, including in its natural resting place on the table.
The discrete circular base houses a rechargeable battery and by simply pressing the outer tube down you can adjust through the different light intensities.
Available with a Translucent tube and White diffuser complemented by a Glossy Black base.
Includes a contact charger which takes 5 hours to charge the battery completely.
The battery lasts 7 hours on high power and 14 hours on the minimum power.
Suitable for indoor and outdoor locations.

Glass Zamak

5"W x 14"H

1 x LED/1W/120V LED
Total Wattage: 1 watts
Lamp Color: 2200K
Color Rendering: 85 CRI
Luminous Flux: 60 lumens
Lumens/Watt: 60.00
Lamp Life: 40000 hours

Location Rating: UL Listed


Santa & Cole is a small, independent and global editor of design products, with its roots in Belloch (Barcelona, Spain).
Santa & Cole have been editing since 1985, when the company was first founded.
By editing we mean preparing a work for the public domain, Santa & Cole mean adapting an item for everyone’s use. What a book editor does with stories, we do with objects.