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Diana Baja Table

Designed By: Federico Correa
Diana BTable

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Diana Baja Table by Santa and Cole
Design by Federico Correa

The Diana Baja Accent Table allows for a robust clean look for any modern space.
The Diana Baja Accent Table features articulated, height-adjustable legs that raise and lower using a smart mechanism located on the table.
Simply press the white button to trigger the adjustment.
Perfect to use as an indoor dining table, side table or coffee table.
Add the Diana Baja Accent Table in any modern room and enjoy the various ways of putting it to use.
Santa & Cole has been creating lighting and furniture from Barcelona since 1985.
Their modern, urban designs are versatile and add style to homes and workplaces.
With selections like the warm, stainless steel and linen Royal Floor Lamp and the delicate, floating Nimba LED Suspension Light, their creations are well-made with a focus on quality design.

Satin nickel structure
Safety glass top

H 20.5 in , D 15.7 in , Dia 27.5 in

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Santa & Cole is a small, independent and global editor of design products, with its roots in Belloch (Barcelona, Spain).
Santa & Cole have been editing since 1985, when the company was first founded.
By editing we mean preparing a work for the public domain, Santa & Cole mean adapting an item for everyone’s use. What a book editor does with stories, we do with objects. 

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