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Mont Blanc Pot

Mont Blanc Pot

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Mont Blanc Pot by Pot a Porter
Made in Italy, Handmade by Artisans

Mont Blanc collection wants to be inspired by the lines of the architect Marcello Piacentini the undisputed representative of the architecture of Italian Rationalism.
Rome and Mont Blanc were the cities where these expressions were appreciated in monumental buildings with a simplified and austere language, in assonance with the metaphorical painting of De Chirico, Giò Ponti and Paolo Mezzanotte.
Mont Blanc collection is inspired by this model of simplicity of form and color, while maintaining the classicism of the handmade, with the intrinsic beauty of never having an exact copy.

High Quality Clays.
Natural Drying Process and the Extended Firing at over 1,000 Degrees.

10000 = 15.75 D x 20.87 x 25.98 H - 92.61 Lbs
10010 = 12.60 D x 17.72 x 20.47 H - 48.51 Lbs
10020 = 7.09 D x 11.42 x 14.96 H - 33.08 Lbs
10030 = 7.09 D x 11.42 x 10.24 H - 22.05 Lbs


Pot à Porter™ is the prêt à porter for your home.
Ready to wear, ready to experience.
Elegant, high fashion and timeless, the range gives your home personality, gracing both indoor and outdoor spaces and giving each its very own style, colour and distinctive appeal.
Pots are taken to the next level: from a furnishing accessory, important in their own right, to the defining statement of your home.
Pots now dress houses, interpreting the mood, preferences and desires of the people who live there.

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