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Harmony Bathroom Mirror Dual Illuminated LED Front and Back


Ships within: 2-3 Business days

$806 - $1,547

Harmony Bathroom Mirror Dual Illuminated LED Front and Back by Paris Mirror

This illuminated mirror adds brilliance and style to any bathroom decor.  
You'll love the many features and classic shape of this beautiful mirror.  
Can be placed vertically or horizontally.  
Perfect for applying make up, blow drying hair, shaving, washing or just for a new fashionable look to your home.
Also looks great in any restaurants, spas, retail outlets, bars, and hotels.

24V Super Bright
Commercial Grade
Easy To Fit
110 V wiring
Energy Saving Approx. 120,000 Hours Lifetime
Hang horizontally or vertically
5 Year Warranty

24" H x 36" W
36" H x 36" W
48" H x 35" W
70" H x 32" W

Led Color
Warm Color (3000K)
Cool Daylight (6000K)

UL and CSA certificates


Paris Mirror began in 2011 when we founded Illuminated Bathroom Mirror and gradually carved a niche for ourselves as a supplier of mirrors, crafted with flair, in exquisite designs.
Paris Mirror started the business out of a passion for contemporary cutting-edge design and the desire to produce and deliver the best products in the field of LED (light emitting diode) Mirrors.