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Nozib Lounger Chair

Nozib Lounger Chair

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$1,600 - $1,990

Nozib Lounger Chair by Skargaarden
Design by Carl Jägnefeldt & Joacim Wahlström

Named after its designer, Nils-Ole Zib, the Nozib Lounge Chair clearly displays his contentment around the design of his piece, the Nozib Lounge Chair.
Reflecting his orthodoxy of less is more, Zib scales back to the point of absolute minimalism and this can be seen in the profile of his modern outdoor lounge chair.
Consisting of a series of beautifully arched teak wood slats that have been mounted into a graceful and classy arrangement; making for a perfectly comfortable seat ideal for catching some sun and enjoying the view.
On top of its elegant silhouette, the lounge chair's construction proves to be highly durable due to teak woods naturally high oil content and capability to withstand the extreme weather conditions of the Baltic Sea.
Furnish any modern lounging arrangement with the Nozib Lounge Chair for a modern, Scandinavian, classy look.

Teak Wood, Water-Resistant Cushion 

White, Heather Grey, Black

Teak Wood

25" W x 9" D x 18" H


Skargaarden comes from Gävle, a small town on the Baltic coast. The Arctic Circle is just hours away. It’s windy and it’s harsh. It snows in the winter and rains in the fall. And most of the year it’s dark. Gävle is known for a few things and outdoor furniture isn’t one of them, for obvious reasons. Can you imagine the value of an hour of sunshine here? We make our furniture for these precious moments; for the short Swedish summers. We make furniture to withstand everything that nature throws at it. If they’re good here, they’re good wherever they end up.