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Unica Shelving Ceiling

Unica Shelving Ceiling

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$1,616 - $2,109

Unica Shelving Ceiling by Nomon
Design by Andres Martinez

The Unica Ceiling-Mounted Shelving System invites the user to participate in its design.
Configurations 5, 6, and 9 feature a floating shelf that can be swung to the right or left to suit your needs while Configuration 7 features four fixed position shelves.
A central rod hangs from the ceiling and stabilizes the shelves which are fixed to the wall or floating.
Configuration 9's shelves can be arranged around a corner.
This functional, visually unique design offers fresh, modern style for your space. Assembly required.

Wood MDF Wood Veneer

Conf. 05: 70"W x 62.6"H x 11.8"D
Conf. 06: 70"W x 65.35"H x 11.8"D
Conf. 07: 85.83"W x 73.22"H x 11.8"D
Conf. 09: 48"W x 65.35"H x 33.28"D

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Nomon is the leading company of indoor clocks.
They create avant-garde pieces, contemporary and visually stunning, through artisan processes.
Barcelona’s modernist design culture gives rise to some of the most sought-after goods in the industry.
Add to that list Nomon, who under designer José María Reina's vision, delivers prestigious clocks and furniture destined to become modern classics. 

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