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Model Three Planter

Model Three Planter

Ships within: 2-3 Business days

$235 - $395

Model Three Planter by Monstruosus
Design by Monstruosus Studio

The Model Three Planter is an ultra-stylish composition of ceramic that has been formed into a truncated cone base and cylinder bodice.
The combination of shapes has perfectly exemplified Monstrousus’ mission to find restful harmony in the complex.
Patiently handcrafted by artisans, the Model Three Planter is a high-quality piece of art that also happens to serve as luxurious housing for your beloved plant life.

Earthenware Ceramic

Small Option Fixture: Height 10.6", Diameter 11.8"
Medium Option Fixture: Height 12.6", Diameter 15"
Large Option Fixture: Height 14.5", Diameter 17.3"



They are Monstruosus They craft simple, purposeful, indoor and outdoor slip-cast clay pots that are meant to live with you for as long as you love your plants.