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Model One Planter

Model One Planter

Ships within: 2-3 Business days

$195 - $295

Model One Planter by Monstruosus
Design by Monstruosus Studio

The cylinder comprises an infinite curvilinear surface that has established a timeless allure; from the columns of the athenian acropolis to a soup can in your local grocery store.
The Model One Planter is a ceramic cylinder planter pot. This handcrafted model one ceramic clay planter exudes such a greatness that makes it a stately addition to home or office, indoor and outdoor.
We strive to achieve a placid, uninterrupted surface that compels the eye to follow its perimeter.
Moreover, our professional casters meticulously sponge and sculpt the model one before firing it in the kiln.
We bring a bit of poetry to the objective science of geometry.

Earthenware Ceramic

Small Option Fixture: Height 10", Diameter 11.8"
Medium Option Fixture: Height 11", Diameter 14.18"
Large Option Fixture: Height 12.5", Diameter 16.5"



They are Monstruosus They craft simple, purposeful, indoor and outdoor slip-cast clay pots that are meant to live with you for as long as you love your plants.