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Mojo Candle Lantern

Mojo Candle Lantern

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Marstrand Candle Lantern by Skargaarden
Design by Carl Jägnefeldt & Joacim Wahlström

Great for indoor and outdoor settings, the Mojo Candle Lantern brings a classy and modern touch to any arrangement. With its concrete base and protective glass screen, the modern lantern will easily protect the open candle flame from the sudden breeze that may blow it out.
Bring a romantic candlelit evening out onto the back patio with the Mojo Candle Lantern.

Glass, Leather, Wood

Clear, Grey

8" W x 8" D x 10" H


Skargaarden comes from Gävle, a small town on the Baltic coast. The Arctic Circle is just hours away. It’s windy and it’s harsh. It snows in the winter and rains in the fall. And most of the year it’s dark. Gävle is known for a few things and outdoor furniture isn’t one of them, for obvious reasons. Can you imagine the value of an hour of sunshine here? We make our furniture for these precious moments; for the short Swedish summers. We make furniture to withstand everything that nature throws at it. If they’re good here, they’re good wherever they end up.