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Claretta Bold Chair

Designed By: Florian Schmid
Claretta B

Ships within: 8-10 weeks

$1,123 - $1,155

Claretta Bold Chair by Miniforms
Designed by Florian Schmid

Claretta Bold Chair Miniforms, designed by Florian Schmid is a revisitation of the historical Claretta Chair.
The new model is bigger and a little more massive showing two precious new coatings: regal and sponge.
The structure is available in nine different finishings: natural ash, ash stained walnut, ash stained oak, white aniline, black aniline, intense blue aniline, grey aniline, Veronese green aniline and Marsala red aniline.
The seat comes in a wide selection of coatings and colours: ecoleather, econabuk, trame, loop, bubble, regal and sponge.
Thanks to its modern and versatile design Claretta Bold Chair Miniforms can be inserted in any home environment.
Interesting combinations can be created with Basilio Table Miniforms

SD 46: 23 in x 20 in x 32 in H


Miniforms believe that elegance is not a drab aesthetic but a vibrant, colourful approach.
Sometimes you're serious. Sometimes you're light-hearted.
That's life.
But at least when you're at home, try to be carefree.
Look after your home, choose a nice colour palette, buy flowers to put on the table.
Or a little penguin, as we did. The main thing is to take it easy occasionally and enjoy the little things with elegance.
Miniforms furniture and Lighting will help you.

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