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Tam Tam 6 Linear Pendant Light

Tam Tam 6 Linear Pendant Light

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Tam Tam 6 Linear Pendant Light By Marset by Marset
Design by Fabien Dumas

Tam Tam 6 Linear Pendant is a new perception in the world of lamps, which extols repetitiveness by focusing on the archetypal lampshade: a number of light sources pointed in different directions, geometrically arranged to invoke a feeling of organized chaos.
Available in 4 shades that consists of Black bar with an Orange, Blue, Black, and Green shade, four Black shades, four Off White shades, four Brown Grey shades, or two Black and two Off White shades.

Lacquered Aluminum

W 57.09 in x H 6.56 in

Bulb Type

Yes / No

Item Number

Through good design, Marset aims to convey its most essential values: quality, technological rigor, innovation, sustainability, durability, and authenticity.
Design is what sets us apart at Marset, and that’s where their vocation for good design was born: to make a product with the utmost rigor and innovation that generates a beautiful light, and that can surprise, thrill, and endure so that they can contribute our bit to a more sustainable world.