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Lietuva Rug

Designed By: Whynot!

Ships within: 3-4 Weeks


Lietuva Rug by EMKO.
Designed by Whynot!. Made in Lithuania

The WHYNOT! design team has created the LIETUVA carpet after being inspired by the Lithuanian identity – its ancient traditions, its colors, clothing and handicraft.
One of the unique Lithuanian craft elements is the colorful woven stripe once used in the national costumes.
Different yarns are interwoven together and create geometric patterns, while the stylized flowers are ending in elegant color combinations.
In the carpet, these artistic signs are used next to the contemporary modern linen craftwork, bringing together a touch of the Lithuanian spirit.
LIETUVA is available in different colors which define the Lithuanian nature: the blues of the lakes and winter frost; the light greys reflecting the sky; the greens of its woods contrasting with wild sand dunes.
A reflection of Lithuania portrayed in the LIETUVA carpet.

Linen, Antyalergi

Length 106.3 in, Height 0.6 in, Weight 26 in


EMKO is a Lithuanian-based furniture design and home-accessory company.
They roots are set in the ancient Baltic tradition of craftsmanship, at the intersection of three distinct cultural spaces: the Northern Scandinavian, the Western European and the Eastern Russian.
They present is open and inviting, welcoming talented designers from all over the globe.

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