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Delta Premium Planter

Delta Premium Self-Watering Planter

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$136 - $269

Delta Premium Planter by Lechuza
Design in Germany

The Delta's award-winning design blends a round base that transitions to a soft triangle at the top.
This contemporary design incorporates beauty with the functionality of a self-watering planter in either 22 or 30-inch heights.
Like most Lechuza planters, the Delta comes equipped with a signature water reservoir that supplies water to your plants as needed, extending the time between watering.
Users can easily monitor their water reservoir levels with the planter’s water-level indicator, which shows when the reservoir needs to be refilled.
Water is conveyed directly to the roots of your plants by a unique funnel system that keeps the topsoil surface area dry. When used indoors, these dry surface areas effectively reduce gnats and fungi.
Also included is Lechuza's specially-formulated plant substrate, Lechuza pon, which separates your potting soil from the water reservoir, aerates the roots, provides your plants with nutrition and helps regulate the supply of water to your plants.
Recommended for indoor use, the Delta is outfitted with a special liner that can be lifted completely out of the planter so you can easily transport it to wash any dust off your plants.


White, Charcoal, Scarlet Red

High Gloss, Metallic

Small: 12" W x 22" H
Large: 15" W x 30" H

Water Reservoir
Small: 1 ltr
Large: 2 2ltr

Plant Volume
Small: 3 ltr
Large: 7 ltr

Planter Liner
Small: 10" W x 10" H
Large: 13" W x 13" H

Planting Depth
Small: 7" L
Large: 9" L

Plant Height Max
Small: 24" L
Large: 39" L


Design, Innovation and Quality
Since launching on the market in 2000, LECHUZA has become the expert in beautiful and functional planters made from high-quality plastic. geobra Brandstätter, the company that also manufactures the famous PLAYMOBIL figures, has many years of expertise in processing plastic.
Their sophisticated features, proven quality and the superb design of all the product developments set the innovations apart. Whether as a table decoration or interior décor - a variety of coordinating sizes available in different designs make it possible to find the right planter for every plant.