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Fly Pendant Light

Designed By: Ferruccio Lautani
Fly Pendant Light-1

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$445 - $830

Fly Pendant Light by Kartell
Design by Ferruccio Laviani

FL/Y is an essentially-styled suspension lamp.
The particular transparency of the material and the sheen of the colors recreate the idea of a soap bubble, shimmering iridescently in the light.
The shade is not perfectly hemispherical, with the cut-off falling just below the level of the diameter, offering a greater concentration of the light.
The lamp is available in three different sizes: Fl/Y (diameter 52cm, shade depth 33cm), Small Fl/Y (diameter 38cm, shade depth 28cm) and Big Fl/Y (diameter 83cm, shade depth 55cm).

Transparent or mass-dyed thermoplastic technopolymer

White, Black, Crystal, Petrol Blue, Light Blue, Red, Orange, Cobalt Blue, Yellow, Pink, Emerald Green, Sage Green, Gold, Copper

Transparent, Metallic

21" W x 13" L x 95" H


Based in Italy, Kartell is a leading design company, which produces a series of products such as furniture, lighting articles, decoration accessories, among others.
The Kartell collection is multifunctional and transverse, and can be recognized at first glance throughout the world, for its color, sensory effects, transparencies and unique shapes for unique objects, its durable functionality and its unquestionable quality.
During his career Kartell has won important international awards, including nine Compassi d’Oro, the Kartell Museum, and the Prize Guggenheim Printed and Culture as the best business museum.