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Lunar Bottle 2 Wall Sconce

Designed By: Oçilunam

Ships within: 3-4 Weeks


Lunar Bottle 2 Wall Sconce by In Es Art Design. Design by Oçilunam.
Made in Italy by In-es.artdesign.

Captivating and enchanting, the Lunar Bottle 2 Wall Sconce is inspired by the great mysteries of the moon.
The frame of this modern wall sconce is made from nebulite, which is a combination of resin and fiberglass, and mimics the uneven, softly luminescent qualities of the moon's surface.
Encased by the frame is a painted canvas, making this light fixture not only a wall sconce but a lighted picture frame.
Doubling as a piece of art, this decorative wall light is perfect hung in a bedroom, above a fireplace or in a dining room.
Just like the light the moon casts at night, the Lunar Bottle 2 Wall Sconce provides a warm, diffused, ambient light that is perfect for any space.

35.4"W X 59"H X 4.7"extension

Resin and fiberglass mixture, canvas

Lamp Type

10 X 60W 120V E12 (candelabra base) incandescent lamps (not included), equivalent LED lamp can be used



Each piece is hand-made to order in Italy. No cancellations will be accepted.


In-es.artdesign, lighting is a form of art Mixing art and design is an art in and of itself—and one that is difficult to pull off.
Italian artist and designer Oçilunam founded In-es.artdesign in 2003 to make it happen.
His interior accessories radiate pure creativity with an irresistible allure, balancing an interplay of light and shadow with immaculate colour and material contrasts.
These illuminating tones have garnered the designer international recognition, highlighting a unique mix of tension and clarity that pulls art and design into a beautifully coherent whole.