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Humboldt Bookcase

Humboldt Bookcase

Ships within: 2-3 Weeks


Humboldt Bookcase by Hule
Design by Hule

Bookcase that creates space. It seems to levitate, it can be rotated. Extremely adjustable - good for minimalists and artistic mess.
Thanks to thin walls, it seems to be light as paper, but it can handle even heavy loads (we managed to put 100 kg on it).


Height: 37.40 inch
Width: 47.63 inch
Depth: 7.87 inch


This brand is called HULE and thanks to their products, the interior acquires a unique atmosphere. Before they started designing, they had traveled a lot, in the workshops of outstanding craftsmen they learned the potential and properties of natural materials, in lecture halls they critically analyzed the relationship between design and art in various aspects of civilization.
Above all, however, they met people. They established relationships with them, experienced emotions, widened their consciousness.