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Esprit YA-YA Wide Pendant

Designed By: Maxim Pien

Ships within: 6 Weeks


Esprit YA-YA Wide Pendant by Hind Rabii. Design by Maxim Pien & Luc Vincent
Made in Belgium

YA YA is determined to be at the center, at the heart of places. Its lights are all in suggestive and subtle mother-of-pearl corollas. And Esprit YA-YA comes loose from its surfaces to take shape in spaces. The limits of its contours double up to create magical landscapes. Through keyholes that are free and formed with sense, ESPRIT YA YA sculpts and cuts the light to offer you what you see!


1 x E26 LED 15W MAX 

Lamp Type

Lamp Included


Length 14.6 in Height 18.9 in  

Cable Length
Max H 76.8" / 195 CM 


Created in 1997, the company takes its name from its founder and current owner, who runs it together with her husband, Michel Orban.
The company’s history is closely linked to the life of Hind Rabii, who breathes her creativity and inspiration into each project. Born in 1973 in Morocco, she lived there until she came to Belgium, where she studied industrial engineering.
As well as her technical skills acquired during her engineering studies, Hind Rabii has always cultivated a great passion for fashion and art, and expertly knows how to track down the most elegant fabrics and patterns.