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Foxglove Wall Sconce


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Foxglove Wall Sconce Design by Creativemary

Foxglove is a bell shaped flower that can be found in Western Europe, Central and Western Asia and North-Western Africa. Our designers’ team inspired themselves with the tubular shape of the flower to create the Foxglove modern wall lamp. The Foxglove contemporary wall lamp features a polished brass wall support and an aluminium shade with a gold patina over lacquer. The Foxglove modern wall lamp is perfect for warm and pleasant environments and will brighten your modern living room with class.

Body Brass, Aluminum Shade

11 cm – 4.3″ W
17 cm – 6.7″ D
18 cm – 7.1″ H

Bulb Type E27 x 1
Nr. of Bulbs 1
Max. Watts 40


Creativemary designs and manufactures exclusive artisanal lamps since 2012 and have been on many trade shows since.
Our expert production is one of the few in Europe that still combines glass and metal work through traditional craftsmanship techniques.