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Flip 18 Ceiling Light

Designed By: Heinrich Wiederhold
Flip 18 Ceiling Light

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Flip ceiling light by Lumina
Designer by Heinrich Wiederhold

This light is the typical example of the Lumina philosophy,Flips is an idea by Heinrich Wiederhold and targets a specific problem: how to provide central lighting to a table when the electric point on the ceiling is not centred.
The solution is an arm made with a telescopic pipe and whose edges present two joints with large steel spheres in order to allow a total mobility and a perfect maneuvrability.
The lamp goes up and down, turns and moves easily and always reaches the desired position.
The line is essential but also elegant and combines the classical conic shapes of the fixing cup and the shade; a transparent telescopic tubular material with the original handle.
This lamp is available in two lengths and two shade sizes: In white light shading opal white methacrylate or in metal, with different finish and colors to match all settings.


Ength 19.6 to 32.3 in Width 14.6 in Height 42.9 to 66.9 in

150W Tubular Halogen Bulb


Lunina story began with an idea: “Lots of light, not much lamp”. That was in 1975, when Tommaso Cimini created Daphine. A lamp that museums, libraries and countless people still ask us for. The means were scarce, but our passion for light was huge.