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Circ Outdoor Table Lamp M-3726X-M Rechargeable

Circ Outdoor Table Lamp M-3726X-M

Ships within: 6-8 weeks. Custom orders

$777 - $807

Circ Outdoor Table Lamp M-3726X-M by Estiluz
Design by Nathrang Studio

Portable outdoor table lamp operated with battery.
Shade is made of translucent polyethylene with a beige colour scheme and metal ring.
Suitable for outdoor (outdoor finishes only).
Battery life over 6 hours at maximum brightness.
Charging time from 8 to 10 hours. 5V 1A induction charger (USB-Mini USB)
Ideal for the living room, dining room, coffee shop, restaurant, garden, terrace and hotel.

Glass, Polyethylene, Metal.


1 unit of M-3726
1 USA charger kit 671000045

Light Source
LED 2,5 W / Ang. 120º /
>80 CRI 100V - 240V 

Li on battery / Induction charging base
Dimmable LED Module / Remote control
Battery charging time 8-10h
Battery life over 6h maximum brightn


Color Temperature

9" L x 6" W x 5" H 


50 years of Unique Decorative Lighting
In 1969, was founded Estiluz, a firm commitment to high-end decorative lighting, with innovative designs and handmade finishes.
The Masdeu family controlled the whole process: Gerard took advantage of his creativity; his father, Anton Masdeu, and his brother, Eduard Masdeu, contributed with their extraordinary mastery of metal mechanization.
The quality of their designs soon attracted attention at international fairs, leading Estiluz to open its first branch office in New York in 1993.