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Button 4 Linear Pendant Light T-3306-M

Estiluz Button 4 Linear Pendant Light T-3306-M

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Button 4 Linear Pendant Light T-3306-M by Estiluz
Design by Francese Rife

Suspension lamp with a track system with aluminum shades that can be placed anywhere along the track. 
Height adjustable. 
Integrated LED on each shade that and can be dimmable, turned on and off independently by a touch sensor. 
Display favorite objects or books on Button’s topside shelf. 
Safely holds up to 30Kg / 65lbs.
Ideal for dining room, bedroom, bar, restaurant, reception, kitchen island, counter, retail shop, office, and desk.

Metal, Acrylic

Black, White

Light Source
LED 3 x 10 W / Ang. 58º / 
>80 CRI 350mA / 120V  


Color Temperature

1 driver 60W
1 body T-3306
4 heads 113305XX0
1 decorative disk 373535XX2

102" L x 4" W x  62" H


50 years of Unique Decorative Lighting
In 1969, was founded Estiluz, a firm commitment to high-end decorative lighting, with innovative designs and handmade finishes.
The Masdeu family controlled the whole process: Gerard took advantage of his creativity; his father, Anton Masdeu, and his brother, Eduard Masdeu, contributed with their extraordinary mastery of metal mechanization.
The quality of their designs soon attracted attention at international fairs, leading Estiluz to open its first branch office in New York in 1993.