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Tarantino Rug

Tarantino Rg

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Tarantino Rug by Essential Home
Design by Essential Home

With a flair for the dramatic as the director whose name signs thepiece, this handmade Tarantino rug is a full-blown hand tufted masterpiece.
The material is 100% tencel and it is of course fire retardant...not like most Tarantino characters, tough.

Wool; Tencel Hand-Tufted Cut Loop

Length: 118.11 in
Width: 78.74 in


Essential Home is an innovative mid-century modern furniture brand that takes important historical and cinematographic references from the 1930s and 1960s and turn them into unique furnishing pieces.
What started out in 2015 as 'Essentials', a furniture collection by the mid-century lighting brand DelightFULL, quickly grew to be one of the most elegant representations of mid-century modern design, thus creating a new name and a new brand, Essential Home.