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Slim Ceiling Light

Slim Ceiling Light

Ships within: 3-5 Business Days

$1,386 - $4,606

Slim Ceiling Light by El Torrent
Design by Eloy Puig

A delicate extra-flat ceiling ring, available in various diameters.
Whether dressed in light linens or opaque vinyl, none of its full-bodied luminosity is lost.
It includes LED technology and flush mount with powerful magnets.
It is suitable for large surfaces and for providing warmth and ample light to smaller spaces.


Group A, B, C, D
See Specification Sheet

Extra Small: 18" L x 4" W
Small: 24" L x 4" W
Medium: 31" L x 4" W
Large: 40" L x 4" W
Extra Large: 47" L x 4" W


Handicraft production.
In a small workshop of a country house - Can Torrent - in Mieres, a village in the Pre-Pyrenees between Barcelona and France: this is where the project was born in 1997.
Their luminaires are handmade with total dedication as required by projects and the exclusive imagination of our customers.
When you buy an El Torrent luminaire, you become the owner of a unique piece equipped with the latest technology and with a subtle design that conveys warmth and comfort in any environment.