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Daphine Led Desk Lamp

Designed By: Tommaso Cimini
Daphine Led Desk Lamp

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$940 - $1,980

Daphine Led Desk Lamp by Lumina
Designer by Tommaso Cimini

Designed by Tommaso Cimini in 1972 and imported from Italy, Daphine LED Table Lamp represented the essence of Lumina. It is displayed in some of the most famous Museums of Modern Art and Design in the World as an icon of minimalist elegance and functionality. The Daphine Collection was designed by Lumina founder Tommaso Cimini. He created the Daphine in the search for a balance between form and function. All components of Daphine are made in Italy. Daphine is a timeless synthesis of function and form: an articulated arm, with a pivoting diffuser, mounted on a transformer. The Daphine LED Table Lamp is composed of a metal frame with an articulated arm and diffuser which pivots 360 degrees. The cast iron base always comes black varnished.


4.33"W X 13.78"H; 15.75" Extension
Head: 3.15"W X 1.38"H
Base: 4.33"W X 3.94"H

1 X 8W LED module; 3000K, 840 lumens (included)


Lunina story began with an idea: “Lots of light, not much lamp”. That was in 1975, when Tommaso Cimini created Daphine. A lamp that museums, libraries and countless people still ask us for. The means were scarce, but our passion for light was huge.