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Tria Plywood Black Metal 4 Leg Chair

Tria Plywood Black Metal 4 Leg Chair

Ships within: 6-8 weeks. Custom orders

$842 - $1,053

Tria Plywood Black Metal 4 Leg Chair
Design by Lorenz & Kaz.

Tria is a table chair, at the same time many people place it as a sculpture, as ornament in an entrance, a bedroom or in a living room.
It recalls the impossible forms of Dutch graphic artist and engraver Maurits Escher, defining itself in a game of twists and elusive leak.

Metal, Wood.

Natural Oak, Black, White, Striped Ivory/ Black.


32.5" H x 24" W x 20.1" D


Cole Italy is a young Italian design brand. Colé is born from the experience of Matteo De Ponti, architect and brand manager at Driade for over ten years and the artistic sensibility of Laura Macagno, degree in Economics and passionate of art and design.