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Loka Armchair

Designed By: Lorenz / Kaz
Loka Armchair

Ships within: 6-8 weeks. Custom orders

$4,239 - $4,434

Cole Loka Armchair
Design by Cole

In the elegant and harmonious stylistic cipher of the Lorenz & Kaz duo we find, as always, a profound connection with the Bauhaus and Nordic design, blended with an unmistakable “South effect” that emerges in the use of colors and materials.
This was Le Corbusier approach when reshaping ideas from the Bauhaus, through local conditions and influenced by Italian rationalism.

Wood, Fabric

Cat. A- Customer fabric. Eco Leather (Inca)
Cat. B- Cotton (Texas); Felt (Nord Wool, Natur Wool). Eco Leather (Cruiser); Poliester
Cat. C- Cotton/ Linen (Creta); Wool (Topia: Novum)

Natural Beech, Black, Yellow, Blue

29.9" H x 31.5" W x 28.7" D


Cole Italy is a young Italian design brand. Colé is born from the experience of Matteo De Ponti, architect and brand manager at Driade for over ten years and the artistic sensibility of Laura Macagno, degree in Economics and passionate of art and design.