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Cestita Metalica Table Lamp

Designed By: Miguel Mila
Cestita Metalica Table Lamp

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$1,495 - $1,995

Cestita Metalica Table Lamp by Santa & Cole
Design by Miguel Mila

A duel between fragility and strength: the Cesta Metálica is the updated version of the Cesta, with its own distinct features. 
It comes with or without a smooth leather handle; a stark contrast to the stern, rigid structure, that gently holds an opal globe with­out neck. 
Miguel Milá mastered the strength of steel by placing at its center a delicate opal silhouette, and a touch of soft leather. 
A seamless expression of strength and emotion, combined with everyday practicality. 
The lantern is produced manually by European craftsmen, using traditional glass blowing techniques for its opal shade.

Stainless steel.

    White Opal

    Natural Leather

    13.8" L x 13.8" W x 20" H



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