French Bistro Cafe Dining Chairs

French Bistro Cafe Chairs

These chairs are part of Sika-Design's Affaire collection representing a unique selection of charming bistro furniture inspired by Sika-Design's sketches from the 1950s chairs seen everywhere in Paris.

If you choose our chairs, you are choosing authentic designer items that will add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your home, cafe and restaurants!


French Bistro Chairs


French people love spending time in the open air, sitting at the bistro tables lining the boulevards of Paris throughout the year.

These boulevards were created by Baron Haussmann's urbanization plan, which allowed for wider streets and the addition of pedestrian sidewalks.

This plan made for the ideal setting for outdoor bistro cafes and restaurants.

Following this event, Rattan woven chairs, called bistro chairs, became immediately very popular. The main feature of the bistro chairs is the beautiful weaves.

Initially, they were made of rattan, but today, they are also made of other fibers like AluRattan, a strong aluminum frame mounted with a thick layer of fiber.


Indoor Bistro Chairs

Sika Design has a collection of beautiful indoor rattan furniture that adds natural beauty to any space.

Outdoor Bistro Chairs

Enhance your outdoor spaces with functional pieces made of hard-wearing and long-lasting materials.

Rive Gauche Parisian Bistro Cafe Outdoor Table

Our Outdoor French Cafe Chairs can be combined with this beautiful outdoor table

Enhance your outdoor hosting and dining experience with the Sika Design Rive Gauche Parisian Bistro Outdoor Table.

This luxurious outdoor table is crafted with a faux marble pressed laminate top and sits atop a traditional cast iron table base.

This table is rated for outdoor use and resembles French cafe-style tables found all over the world.

Use this bistro table to host your next backyard barbecue or for relaxing nights with family.

Materials & Manteinance


We utilize two kinds of premium Rattan materials, Tohiti and Manau, which are solid and not hollow bamboo.

Rattan is an exceptionally durable natural material that can last for many generations with proper maintenance.

It is best suited for indoor or covered use, as exposure to rain may cause it to turn grey and reduce its durability.


Rattan requires no maintenance.
However, if needed, it can be wiped with a lightly dampened cloth.



Our Alu-Affair Collection features Alu-Rattan, an aluminum material designed to mimic the look of Rattan with its exceptional molding capabilities.

This material is powder-coated, resulting in a sleek finish and vibrant color.

Our furniture is ideal for outdoor use year-round, as it is easy to clean and requires no maintenance.

Wash with water mixed with mild soap and remove stains with a sponge or medium brush.


In our Affair Collection, we use ArtFiber in combination with Rattan. ArtFiber is made of hard-wearing polyethylene that is dyed and can withstand both high temperatures and UV rays.

When woven, ArtFiber is flexible and provides optimal comfort.
It also has a strong structure that can maintain its shape for several years.


ArtFiber requires no maintenance. It can be washed with a damp cloth if needed.

These Chairs Are Perfect For Brightening up Your spaces At Home

Chairs crafted for the indoors use high-quality Malacca cane rattan and an ArtFibre™ weave for the seat and bindings.

The rattan's natural bending techniques lend character and authenticity to each chair, visible in its marks, while ensuring durability and comfort.

Enjoy Designer Chairs For Your Garden

Chairs crafted for the outdoors use an AluRattan™ lightweight aluminum frame with a powder-coated finish.

Woven in a playful contrasting pattern, the two-toned ArtFibre™ polyethylene wicker lends strength and flexibility to the chair.

These chairs, designed for outdoor use in cafes and restaurants, are equally suitable for dining alfresco at home on the terrace.

Why Bistro Chairs For Cafes And Restaurants?

These beauties are not only delicate, but bistro chairs are surprisingly durable. Besides...

  • They are perfect for the outdoors.
  • They are surprisingly comfortable.
  • They are amazingly eye-catching.
  • They are lightweight.
  • They are resistant to inclement weather.

About Sika Design

For over 70 years, Sika Design has been crafting exquisite handmade furniture. It all began in 1942 with a collection of rush and willow lamps, tables, and baskets.

Since then, the company has garnered international acclaim, earning the trust of hotels, restaurants, and cruise ships worldwide.

Today, Sika Design is proud to be one of the oldest Scandinavian wicker and rattan furniture manufacturers.

Sika Design takes pride in guaranteeing the best levels of quality, comfort, and sustainability in all of their products.

Every one of their pieces is handled with care and passion, from the designing phase (performed by some of the best furniture designers in the world), to the thoughtful manufacturing process taking place in their factory in Indonesia.