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Papa Buffalo Trophy Head

Papa Buffalo Trophy Head

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Papa Buffalo Trophy Head by Bend Goods
Design by Bend Goods

Show off your modern design hunting skills with the Bend Goods Papa Buffalo Trophy Head.
This piece of wall art has curved horns that span an impressive 43 inches.
It's a surprisingly realistic animal head outline made entirely out of galvanized and powder coated iron wire..
Bend Goods has reshaped people's perceptions of mid-century modern design with the bright colors, appealing forms and sustainable production of all of their furniture and home accessories.
By using a specialized process of "bending" metal wire, Bend makes sure that its products are structurally strong, uniquely geometric and fun. Bend Goods designs and manufactures all of its pieces in Los Angeles.

Powder coated, hot-dip galvanized iron

Width 43", Height 15", Depth 17"
Weight 3Lbs

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Bend is on a mission to create designs that are superbly crafted, delight you aesthetically, and shape your life.
They philosophy has always been to design pieces that are equally as beautiful as they are functional.
These attributes are in the forefront of our minds as we strive to make unexpected products that evolve with our customers.

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