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Ufo Pendant Light

UFO Pendant Light

Ships within: 2-3 Weeks

$414 - $1,020

UFO Pendant Light by Atelier Robotic
Design by Atelier Robotic

The Fiber Pattern Lamp is made of resin-impregnated fibers.
The fibers are wound with a industrial robot around a mold in geometric patterns.
The result is a lightweight and strong lamp.
For the pendant you can choose between Brass, Copper or Matte Black version.
The black or black-white braided cotton cord and the metal ceiling cup with Brass finishes are details that complete the style.
You can order one of our Edison style LED bulbs besides the Fiber Pattern Lamp to have a good light match.

Stainless Steel

Small: Ø15.7 x H4.7 in | 0.5 lb
Medium: Ø23.6 x H7 in | 0.8 lb
Large: Ø31.5 x H9.5 in | 1.5 lb

E14 (Small UFO) / E27


The Atelier Robotiq ethos embraces the hometown way of thinking, in Rotterdam they don’t talk, we do.
What started with experimenting, resulted in new ways of producing their designs and a mini-factory in the city-center of Rotterdam was born.
Where form meets function, their creative direction is guided by a minimalistic aesthetic and with great attention to detail, trying to peel all things that are unnecessary for the design.
The Fiber Pattern Lamps are a series of lights following from their experiments with robotic fiber weaving techniques. The technology is based on Aerospace technology for making lightweight composite parts, such as rocket cases or fuel tanks.