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Aspire Wall Sconce


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Aspire Wall Sconce Design by Creativemary

The Aspire Tower was built to house the Symbolic Flame of the 2006 Asian Games in Doha, Qatar. Creativemary drawn inspiration from the design of the iconic tower, which symbolizes a hand grasping the torch that sits at the tower’s top. Aspire is a modern wall lamp which blends a brass body, involved in a brushed nickel plated ring which supports the beautiful nickel plated shade. The Aspire wall lamp is an elegant and contemporary lighting piece designed to highlight in any modern home

Brass Body With Brass Shade

10 cm – 3.9″ W
17 cm – 6.7″ D
25 cm – 9.8″ H

Bulb Type E14 x 2
Nr. of Bulbs 1
Max. Watts 40


Creativemary designs and manufactures exclusive artisanal lamps since 2012 and have been on many trade shows since.
Our expert production is one of the few in Europe that still combines glass and metal work through traditional craftsmanship techniques.