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6 Ft Deluxe Poolside Hanging Bed + Stand & Poncho Set

T6D-Poolside Hanging Bed + Stand & Poncho Set

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6 Ft Deluxe Poolside Hanging Bed + Stand & Poncho Set by Tiipii
Design by Tiipii

The Deluxe Poolside TiiPii is made from a ‘Sunbrella’ solution dyed acrylic material.
It’s the elite TiiPii that’s perfect for all round outdoor use or commercial specifications, or when prone to spillages, soiling and heavier use.
Although it can be machine washed, given the nature of the acrylic Sunbrella fabric, it can also be simply wiped over to clean.

As suggested by the name, this is also the TiiPii of choice for beside the pool or by the beach as a result of the refined
synthetic material that feels characteristically similar to that of a sun lounger. The Deluxe Poolside is able to withstand all elements,
all year round- and is therefore utterly perfect for pool-side or rooftop lounging.

The opulent finish of the Deluxe Bronzed TiiPii Stand not only adds to the overall style of the unit, but also provides unsurpassed strength,
rust resilience & durability due to the premium '316 stainless steel' structure. The conical shape and portable structure of a traditional teepee is perfectly suited to all
outdoor elements and commercial uses. (Only included in sets where 'stand' is mentioned in drop down)

The Poncho cover is easily attached to the top of the TiiPii Bed in minutes to protect from
all elements of weather when set up outside. Perfect for glamping, festivals and pop up events, it allows the freedom to leave interior
accessories like cushions and throws inside, so you can simply unzip and enjoy. (Only included in sets where 'poncho' is mentioned in drop down)

Weighs just under 20 lbs
Holds up to 550 lbs (3-4 adults)
Assembled simply by 1-2 people
Compacts down into a small 70cm carry bag
Water Resistant, Anti-Mould & Anti-UV
Suitable for heavy outdoor & commercial uses
Spot cleanable with diluted bleach & machine washable
Can be hung with a TiiPii Stand (sold separately) or suspended from an
alternatively safe structure, ceiling, branch or beam
Required floor space for stand 8ft x 8ft

Height 98 inch

Sunbrella Acrylic


Us folks behind Tiipii are typical Aussies with a lot of love for anything to do with the great outdoors.
Tiipii is passionate about inspiring you to start camping, canoodling, relaxing and giving the kids a great reason to get outside again!
Tiipii glorious outdoor abode has been lovingly designed for you to kick back, chill out and watch the world go by…
All you have to do to start your own TiiPii story is to decide on the size that suits you, add a stand if needed, throw in some cushions and lay back, relax and get a bit of ‘me time' back.!